May 26, 2020

A Plan Insurance Join Sponsorship Family 2020

windon Wildcats are pleased to declare that A-Plan Insurance have joined the Sponsor Family at the Better Link Center. A-Plan have been serving customers in Swindon for more than 30 years, and have master offices for private vehicle, home and substance and business vehicle protection.

They opened their Swindon branch in 1987 so have developed a solid customer base over numerous years. They center around private vehicle, van and structures and substance (counting landowners) and business protection however ought to have the option to help you whatever your protection needs. In the terrible case of a case their in-house Claims Management Team help guarantee you get the devoted help you need so you won’t feel you need to experience the entire experience without anyone else.

Sally Price, Commercial Manager was excited to respect A-Plan ready:

“It’s extraordinary to invite A-Plan to the hockey family, they are an ideal case of a network focussed association and it’s a respect to advance their image. They spread all territories of protection and we can hardly wait to begin sending business their way.”

The A-Plan brand will be unmistakable around the Better Link Center through an arena board which will be seen by guests lasting through the year.

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