May 26, 2020

California Man Arrested for Insurance Fraud on Top of an Apparently Legit $1M Claim

A California man is being accused of endeavoring to dupe his safety net provider of $43,000 while his $1 million property guarantee from one of the huge out of control fires that struck the state in 2018 seems, by all accounts, to be authentic.

Stephen Cortopassi, 64, of Redding, Calif., self-gave up on Jan. 17 in the wake of being accused of nine lawful offense checks of protection extortion for purportedly endeavoring to acquire an unmerited protection payout of over $43,000 following the Carr Fire – in spite of the legitimacy of his $1 million for his appropriately guaranteed property.

On July 27, 2018, while Cortopassi was cleared, he was advised his habitation and vehicles in Redding were altogether devastated in the Carr Fire.

The Carr fire was among three enormous and exorbitant rapidly spreading fires in California in 2018, including the Camp Fire, and the Woosely Fire. The Carr Fire pulverized 1,263 single family homes.

Notwithstanding his home, Cortopassi had four vehicles and a disengaged carport on the property during the fire. His four vehicles were evaluated to have an all out estimation of $43,060.

The next day, on July 28, while the fire was all the while consuming, Cortopassi supposedly talked with his protection dealer and obtained another strategy on one of the vehicles despite the fact that that vehicle had been crushed in the fire. He likewise added complete inclusion to the three different vehicles, which had additionally been obliterated and recently had just risk inclusion. These new approaches produced results on July 29, two days after his property was crushed by the fire.

Cortopassi allegedly held up three weeks to record a case on the new car strategies with his safety net provider, and expressed the vehicles were wrecked Aug. 9, 2018, two weeks after the real misfortune.

Cortopassi got over $1 million for his appropriately protected property. In any case, his safety net provider advised the California Department of Insurance of the presumed misrepresentation before paying out the extra $43,060 that Cortopassi supposedly endeavored to gather.

Cortopassi self-gave up to the Shasta County Jail. The Shasta County District Attorney’s Office is arraigning this case. Cortopassi is planned to show up in court on March 2.

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