August 14, 2020

Cursive brings Cloud Nothings and Criteria

Non mainstream stalwart Cursive comes back to the Bunkhouse for the second time in under a year—with genuine fortifications. We dismember the bill …

Cursive Having separated in the late 1990s, gone on break in the mid-2000s and lost a bunch of individuals en route, this Omaha, Nebraska, outfit hasn’t generally appeared to be worked to last. But then, fellow benefactors Tim Kasher (vocals, guitar) and Matt Maginn (bass) remain locally available and, on the off chance that anything, have been increase action recently, discharging new collections in 2018 (Vitriola) and 2019 (Get Fixed). Both component the band’s trademark emotional/independent/post-no-nonsense whirl, displayed to top impact on 2000’s Domestica and 2003’s The Ugly Organ.

Cloud Nothings After over 10 years together, this uproarious, Cleveland-based punk group of four is at long last set for its live Vegas debut. Initiated by artist/musician/guitarist Dylan Baldi, the gathering’s earnest sound should speak to fanatics of F*cked Up, … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead and Titus Andronicus. First turn: 2012’s Steve Albini-built Attack on Memory.

Criteria More for Cursive fans to nerd out about: Guitarist Steve Pederson—who played on that band’s initial two collections—propelled this Omaha venture in 2003, a couple of years in the wake of leaving Cursive. The planning for Criteria’s incorporation on this bill couldn’t be better, with the Weezer-y Years, the gathering’s first LP in quite a while, having dropped on January 17.

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