May 26, 2020

UK van owners are over-spending on their insurance by leaving it to the last minut

As indicated by new research by, almost half (49%) of van drivers don’t purchase their protection until up to week before their reestablishment is expected. Very nearly one out of five (19%) do this since they accept the date doesn’t influence the cost.

Leaving it this late costs them an astounding £1,698 all things considered, contrasted with looking prior.

That is as indicated by new information from, which shows that those looking multi week point before their recharging profit by investment funds of up to £522. As indicated by the information, the least expensive day to purchase van protection is 22 days before recharging, when premiums cost only £1,070 all things considered.

In any case, worryingly, almost one of every three (32%) van drivers don’t have the foggiest idea about the date of their protection restoration and more than one out of three (35%) by and large let their protection auto-recharge, passing up potential investment funds.

More than two of every five (42%) think the expense of their protection is excessively costly however are ignorant of the investment funds that could be made by looking. Also, almost one out of three (28%) are confounded about what they can do to make their protection less expensive.

To help befuddled van drivers, has made a go-to manage featuring the numerous ways they can lessen the expense. It tends to be as straightforward as looking a couple of days sooner than ordinary.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editorial manager at remarks:

“A stressing number of van proprietors are purchasing their protection at last – an error that is costing them upwards of £522, all things considered. Van proprietors ought to consider looking for protection around three weeks before their restoration date so as to upgrade reserve funds.

In any case, what else can van drivers do to keep their premiums down? Beside looking prior, there are approaches to help decrease the expense of protection. To help confounded van drivers, we’ve assembled some top tips to bringing the expense of their protection down.”

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